An episodic audio series available via web syndication.1

By @ckolderup and @markwunsch.

Episode 004: Meta

Casey and Mark, back in July, talk about making a podcast named Abstract Factory. It's an episode 6 months in the making! Casey and Mark talk about working on a project that is outside their wheelhouse. Mark frets about audio quality and the frustrations of editing the podcast. Casey talks about his latest creative project. How does the creative sausage get made and when is the right time to just "ship it"? How precious should we be about our creative projects? What's the feedback loop between a creative work and its audience? Mark and Casey don't worry about their "reach". It's difficult to keep a schedule, but it would be easier if the podcast running time wasn't constrained. Mark and Casey talk about different kinds of podcasts and where they want Abstract Factory to be. Mark lists his favorite podcasts that he subscribes to (at least in July…). Casey and Mark recall how Abstract Factory came to be and look back at our work. We come up with one more idea for a project.


Happy New Year!